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Mother Noah according to Madeleine L’Engle

May 13, 2013 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, Nurturing the Child

Mother Noah must have been amazing!  Author Madeleine L’Engle thinks so. Yes, the same Madeleine L’Engle who wrote “A Wrinkle in Time”, a must read for kids and adults.

Mother Noah must have been a busy woman which I am sure all women can relate to. Whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of mothering, I think you will enjoy Ms. L’Engle’s take on Mother Noah.  She uses her awesome creativity to help us imaging what might have taken place on the ark, make sure and read to the end for the “grand motherhood” punch line.  

Mrs. Noah Speaking
I suppose under the circumstances
There’s really no point in complaining
but really! Noah and I had just got accustomed
to living alone and having some peace and quiet
and fixing up the house the way we wanted it at last.
I brought up tree boys, wiped their runny noses, changed their messy diapers,
washed, sewed, cooked, saw to it that they had the proper advantages,
We got them safely married
   (thought if I didn’t know it before I know it now:
   their wives leave a great deal to be desired).
We liked having them come to visit us on the proper holidays,
  bring the babies, taking enough food home to feed them for a week,
  and Noah and I could go to bed in peace.
And now look what has happened!
Sometimes I think it would have been simpler to have drowned
  with everybody else—
at least their troubles are over.
And here we are jammed in this Ark—
  why didn’t the Lord give Noah enough time to build a big enough ark
  If he wanted him to build one at all?
The animals take up almost all the room
 and Noah and I are crowded together with Shem, Ham, and Japheth,
  their slovenly wives and noisy children,
and nowhere to go for a moment’s peace.
Noah, of course had hidden several elephant’s skins of wine somewhere,
  and when the rain and noise and confusion get too bad
  he goes down to the dirty hold with the beast and gets drunk,
  sleeps it off on the dirty straw,
  and then comes up to bed smelling of armadillo dung and platypus piss.
Not that I blame him.
It’s my daughters-in-law who get me.
They insist on changing the beds every time I turn around.
They won’t use a towel more than once, and they’re always getting dressed up
  and throwing their dirty linen at me to wash.
The washing is easy enough—we’ve plenty of water—
But how do they expect me to get anything dry in all this rain?
I don’t mind doing the cooking, but they’re always coming out to the
  kitchen to fix little snacks with the excuse that it will help me:
  “You’re so good to us, Mother Noah, we’ll just do this for you,”
  and they never put anything away where it belongs.  They’ve lost
  one of my measuring cups and they never clean the stove and they’ve
  broken half of the best china that came down to us from Grandfather Seth.
When the babies squall in the night, who gets up with them?
Not my daughters-in-law.
“Oh, Mother Noah’ll do it. She loves the babies so.”
  Ham’s wife is always stirring up quarrels, playing people off against
  each other. Shem’s wife, who never does anything for anybody, manages
  to make me feel lazy and mean if I ask her to dry one dish. Japheth’s
  wife is eyeing Shem and Ham; she’ll cause trouble; mark my words.
Today that silly dove Noah is so fond of came back with an olive twig
  on his beak. Maybe there’s hope that we’ll get out of this Ark after all.
We’ve landed! At last!  Now we can get back to normal and have some
  peace and quiet and If I put something where it belongs it will stay there
  and I can clean up this mess and get some sleep at night and—
Noah! Noah! I miss the children.

Funny, huh?  This was a quote from Madeleine L’Engle’s book “The Irrational Season”, which I was reading this morning as I took a hot bath which I do sometimes to ease my achy bones or just taking a little “me” time.

I am sure you all can use a little of that right? Hey dads, watch the kids for an hour, run the tub, light some candles and let mom do a little soak and read time, a great mom gift, good all year round. (mom’s you might just have to ask and don’t tell anyone where you will be, try it.)

Madeleine L’Engle Book-about life, family and Christian community, great read!

Noah’s Ark flip page book- there are so many great Noah’s Ark books available

Kids 1st book about Noah-check your local thrift store/yard sales for lots of affordable books

The 1st picture is from KidKraft Noah’s Ark shape sorter– looks fun, I have never seen this one before.

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Which part of motherhood gets you plainly pooped out? Which part of motherhood unexpectantly lifts you up? Leave a comment…

We only recommend products from Amazon that we have tried and used or would purchase ourselves. 

We love sharing great resources for you and your children to make life a little more happy and healthy.

Happy Belated Mother’s Day

Ms. Dawn





Earth Day & More, Who started this?

April 17, 2013 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

I have been searching the Internet today for post and videos that are great resources for you on Earth Day. We have been given such a glorious place to live. The earth is so diverse. We have deserts, mountains, oceans, lakes, plush places and dry places. We have such an array of animals and creatures I am sure we have not discovered them all. The plants that cover our earth generously shade us and feed us. We have so much to thank God for. We also have a great responsibility to be good care takers of all He’s given us.

This little song is great for your littlest ones, I love the little picture book this mother created. It looks pretty easy too.

Days of Creation Song

Days of Creation Collage-really cute idea, good for all kids

God of Wonders Song-great Chris Tomlin song with words sung by kids

Indescribable song by Chris Tomlin-some awesome pictures of creation as He proclaims God is indescribable

In the Beginning is the song I want you to check out. It is the first one in unit 1. It is lively and teaches the days of creation, all kids will love it. The Donut Man has been around for awhile but I love his songs. He has loads of DVD’s too so you can see all the hand motions. The link I have included below is a curriculum with 52 songs and lessons. It is very reasonably priced at 39.95.

 The Donut Man Website 

The Miracle in Seedsarts and crafts using seeds, looks fun.

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 Painting with Plants
 Creating book cover with plants
 Shells and Rocks craft
 Picture poem about a Spring walk 
Have a Wonderful Spring Celebration on Earth Day, Remember who made it all…
For Life and Healthy Living,






Singing Nurse, Singing Nurse, Where Did You Go?

April 2, 2013 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

Happy Spring to you all!

Singing Nurse, Singing Nurse, Where did you go?

Dawn Ginese, May 29, 2011

Singing nurse, singing nurse, where did you go?

I went for a walk, on a country road

So I threw on my sneakers, I had to get it moving

Gail said you go, I’ll go too, so I grabbed my camera, and off I flew

 Singing nurse, singing nurse, what did you see?

I saw an old brown bull, looking at me

His hair was really shaggy, he was quite cute

He really didn’t mind, my photo shoot

Singing nurse, singing nurse, what did you hear?

The birds were a chirping, the lambs were a baaing

The frogs were a croaking, the bees were a buzzing

The cows were a mooing, need I say more

I’d highly recommend it, going outdoors


Singing nurse, singing nurse, what did you feel?

The warmth on my face, blood moving through my veins

I was a bit distracted, by all created things

Cuz winged bugs in flowers, were looking up at me

On my way back, a little turtle seemed stuck

I gave a little nudge, so he wouldn’t be mush

Yes, all in all, my walk was a treat

With all the signs of spring, blooming at my feet


Have a great Spring and Summer, remember to drink fluids, wear sunscreen(not too much sun) and check for ticks!

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

A few more signs of spring….

…………………………..My church in spring…                                                      Awesome flowers enjoying the bloom…

A view from my deck….zoomed of course…

To hear some songs about critters and being healthy click here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2012 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!

Gobble Gobble!

Appreciate you stopping by…Ms. Dawn

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Labor to Preserve the Goodness

September 3, 2012 in God - Faith - Hope - Love


Enjoying the Deck Grandpa Stained.

In the North East, summer and fall are times to fix and refurbish our belongings and time to finish projects before the chill of winter. My husband and pastor saw a need for our decks to be re-stained. He saw the wearing that was taking place and noticed some annoying mold that kept reappearing.

Before staining, the wood needed to be bleached to remove the mold. We hired someone to power wash our deck and thought the job was complete but the keen eyes of my husband noticed more of the pesky mold. My hard working guy went and bleached it again and began the huge job of staining it. “If you’re going to do it, do it right…”

Well, recently my husband stated he noticed the top rails were splintering on the bottom deck, he asked my opinion, and I said, why make more work for yourself, just paint it and be done. My husband and pastor explained when the grandkids come over they might get a splinter…So you guessed it; he removed all the old top rails to replace them.

After thinking a bit, I had been hopping over those rails for years now and replacing them would ensure I wouldn’t get a splinter in my backside. He even removed a section of rails so a walk to the swing set would be easier. Good idea! “If you’re going to do it, do it right…”


My maintenance minded hubby sees chipping and peeling and acts on the statement, “If you’re going to do it, do it right…” Well, over the years our little family has not been so chipper but quite annoyed by this man of excellence because he would try to rally all of us to help out. I guess he wanted some companionship and the old saying applies, “many hands make light work”. None of us really appreciated the hard work needed that would help preserve the goodness of the object and the use of it that we all enjoyed.



Some people think ahead and see the big picture and others of us just want to make things nice and easy. Some of us want to get it right and are willing to do the hard work and others just don’t care or don’t see the importance.

You will see now why I had to include that my husband is also a pastor, my pastor. His desire to preserve relationships is just as important to him as a well maintained home. He is an example to me of forbearance, longsuffering and grace. He sees a need to communicate with others and to try to preserve the relationships of those that may not agree or vehemently oppose him. He diligently seeks to clear the air and some of us may feel cornered or intimidated by such honesty. I have found that these reactions often come because we don’t know how to share our feelings or don’t know how to explain them. My friend has a real knack for sharing feelings and communicating, sometimes he amazes me.

My husband and pastor will be the first to agree, he is not perfect in reaction, he is not perfect in motive and that he does not love perfectly.  Do any of us? But as the pastor’s wife I see him seek to make things right, seek to understand if he has hurt someone, asks for forgiveness and extends bushels of grace.

We can all learn by his example to restore and preserve what is good, to make sure the mold doesn’t grow and later destroy the goodness. Sad but true there might be some deterioration that seems irreparable for the moment. Splintery planks that are no longer playfully jumped over and unsupportive may need to be changed.

Let us all strive to follow in the footsteps of “The Perfect One”.  Let us strive to make things right if we can, to endeavor to keep things clear between brother and sister and to preserve the Godly goodness. If we are going to do it, by God’s grace, let’s do it right…

Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day, labor in love and have a great school year.


Colossians 3: 23 New Century Version

23 In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for people. 

Romans 12:9-18 New International Version

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. 10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. 11 Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. 12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. 13 Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. 14 Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. 16 Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited. 17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

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A little Sunny Diversion!

July 20, 2012 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

Well I suppose it is not all talk about healthy living like washing hands, brushing teeth, not spreading germs and such because I am taking a little sunny diversion. Many of my connections via the web are talking about back to school, eating healthy and exploring creativity, which are all important, but sometime it is good to stop the train.

Vacations are great times to detach from our norms and all the thinking. Getting away allows us to free our minds of all the planning which I know is difficult for the creative teacher sort of soul because everything we see and take in is a lesson in the making. Who of you can attest to that?  So… vacations are wonderful times of doing mindless activities like walking on the beach, collecting shells and rocks and having someone else do the cooking.

My husband and I enjoyed some time away on the shell and pebbled shores of Florida and caught some breathtaking sunrises, sunsets and moon rises. The pictures below are some of those moments shared with family and my beloved. I hope you enjoy God’s magnificent handiwork here.

The pictures were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX210 is. It has 14x Optical Zoom but goes as high as 56x. I love this small easy to use camera. My pictures have only been re-sized. 

 The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1


                                                                                         Moon rise



Looks like a painting…                                                      

                                                                                     In His hand…

                                                                                        Come sit…

                                                                                          The Sun Peeks...

                     We did eat healthy …                                             and we did do a little mindless eating…
                   I thought this tree was really cool, my husband is not to bad either…so I included them today. 
Have a great rest of the summer, remember it is only half over so get some R & R. I would love it if you stopped back by to get prepared for your school year. We can all use a little help getting prepared to ward off those pesky germs and such.              
For Life and Healthy Living, Dawn                                                                                                                                
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Just Like the Ocean Sands-Psalm 139

June 30, 2012 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, The Singing Nurse Music, Uncategorized

Oh to Fly Like a Bird

This is a picture of my grandson trying to fly with the seagulls on the Florida coast. Kids are so free and uninhibited. Below is a country style kid’s song about how God thinks of them, which is based on Psalm 139.  Adults will enjoy this lesson on God’s love too.

7.  Just Like The Ocean Sands
Dawn Ginese 2005

Based on Psalm 139 (TSN version)

1) If I try to fly like a bird in the sky,
Or swim in the ocean deep and blue,
He will lead and hold us in His hands,
He knows everyday just what we do.
Just like the ocean sands,
We cannot count them,
So are God’s thoughts of me and you,
Just like the ocean sands,
We cannot count them,
So are God’s thoughts of me and you.
2) If I run like a cheetah, thinkin’ I could beat Ya
I know I, cannot run from You
If I dig a hole, and hide just like a mole
You know everyday just what we do.   Chorus
3) For you formed my inward parts,
Right from the start,
It’s true, not one thing is hid from You
You saw all the stuff, that You made me of
You know everyday just what we do.   Chorus 2x


“Just Like the Ocean Sands” (Psalm 139) is a country style song that teaches children that God has so many thoughts of us “just like the ocean sands, we cannot count them”. We can fly like a bird, swim like a fish, run like a cheetah, hide like a mole, “He knows everyday just what we do.” Scoop up the sand and just try and count the grains. This song is based on TSN paraphrase version of Ps. 139, how God loves and thinks of us even if we try to fly or run away from Him. Adults can learn from these words as well. We are so loved and many of us have a hard time comprehending the depths of God’s love toward us. Take a listen and download the song, your kids will learn the truth about God and His love for them, you too.

Download here.

Lesson, loads of crafts & Song download purchase here.

Have you been to the ocean and counted the grains of sand lately?

For Healthy Kids, Body, Mind and Spirit
Ms. Dawn

Dads and Little Girls

June 15, 2012 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, Nurturing the Child

Dads and Little Girls

Dads play such an important part in a little girl’s life. How a dad handles and speaks to his fragile little daughter and his overall attitude can influence this blooming little woman for a lifetime.

Have a Wonderful Father’s Day!

I’d like to introduce you to some great writers that have influenced my husband and I over the years. Their books and radio programs have been like life rafts to us and I would recommend adding them to your library of parenting book.

1. Dr. James Dobson books-“Parenting Isn’t for Cowards”, “Dare to Discipline”, “Strong Willed Child” “Raising Girls”,” Raising Boys”

Below is a quote on Fathers and Daughters from Dr. James Dobson family talk website.

Fathers have an incalculable impact on their daughters. Most psychologists believe, and I am one of them, that all future romantic relationships are influenced positively or negatively by the way a girl interacts with her dad in the childhood years. If that is true, then fathers should give careful thought to this responsibility and seek to be what their daughters need of them. There are, I believe, at least seven components to that assignment:

1. leadership at the home

2. he is being watched closely

3. begin “dating” a daughter

4. build self-confidence

5. communication  

6. providers and protectors

7. spiritual leader of the family

To read the whole post click here 

To see all the great books by James Dobson click here

2.  Zig Ziglar- “Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World”-Below are some great quote from the book:  

*The only way to raise positive kids is to start to be a positive parent.

*You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone into your mind.

*Honesty is a marketable commodity.

*When we do more than we are paid to do, eventually we will be paid more for what we do.

*It is never too late to do the right thing.

*You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.

*Faith is your response to God’s ability.

*Hope is the power that gives a person confidence to step out and try.

*The saddest words in the English language are if only.

*No human being can be all things to all people.

*Making the family a top priority will invariably bring success.

*A strong, unified parental team has the best shot at positively influencing children for good.

*The key ingredient in family communication is listening, really listening.

*You need to forgive…regardless of the offense.

*The child who has not been disciplined with love by his little world will be disciplined, generally without love, by the big world.

*Real love demands you do what is best for your children and not always what is the easiest for you.

*Love can do what nothing else can.  

I especially enjoyed the section on creativity in his book and how to encourage it in our children.  “Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World” is a great book to study with a group of friend who want to be better parents.

Pick up your copy here. 

Charles Swindoll-“You and Your Child”

This is a great book to help with the basic steps to a successful relationship between parent and child.

*Know Your Child    

*Loving Your Child    

*Training Your Child

*Disciplining Your Child  

*Releasing Your Child

You can purchase on amazon here

You and Your Child-Study Guide link here. 

I’ve enjoyed Swindoll’s radio broadcast over the years, click here.

 Hope you have a great Father’s Day and appreciate the awesome privilege you have to love and influence the lives of your precious children.

For Healthy Kids, Body, Mind and Spirit,

Ms. Dawn

What positive mark has your dad left on your life?

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The Lonely Horse picture poem

April 30, 2012 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

Lonely Horse


The Lonely Horse

Dawn Ginese 4/29/12

When you feel the need to roam

Try and take the wrong way home

You never know what you might see

You never know who you might meet

Well I gazed up, and what did I see

A lonely horse stood under a tree

He stood like a statue, he stood really still

The lonely horse, upon the hill

I called to him, I knew he could hear

His head perked up, he wiggled his ears

He turned towards me, his head and broad shoulders

I snapped a few pictures, he stood a bit bolder

You never know, what you might discover

The loneliness that you may uncover

When you feel the need to roam

Try and take the wrong way home

The Less Lonely Horse

I hope you enjoyed my little lonely horse poem, it could have been an old farmer or a bird who fell our of a nest. Sometimes you just never know what you will come upon when you decide to take another route. I could not decide whether to use the word “long way home” or “wrong way home”. I picked “wrong” because there really is no wrong way home, it’s just another way. I do believe in right and wrong don’t get me wrong, but as far as exploring and making new discoveries go, our paths may twist and turn and the unknown which includes an element of faith, makes it all the more exciting.

Have you met any lonely souls lately or have a favorite horse comment? Please comment below.

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For Healthy Nurtured Kids,

Ms. Dawn

International Women’s Day Song Tribute

March 12, 2012 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love, TSN Therapeutic Projects

“Woman of God, thank you for being a friend.”

I was straightening up my bedroom recently and found a letter from a dear friend. You know the kind, the friend that will stick with you through it all. The friend that nails the situation perfectly and helps you see things the way they really are. The kind of friend you can trust your very soul with because you have never heard her utter a gossip, so you know your most vulnerable self is safe with her. These are the kind of friends that develop over time as you experience their actions and words. These are the kind of friends my father-in-law has said, in your life time, you are a rich man if you can count true friends on one hand.

Well I reread the letter written by her and the first words that came to mind, and out of my mouth with an affirming “yes” fist in the air were,  “Woman of God”. Her words were truthful, easily entreated(kind, but cutting), you know the kind that are selected carefully after praying and asking God if you should share them.

The words in her letter resonated a bit different this time because some time has lapsed, the tough time is fading and healing, and she, a few others and God have been part of that healing. Sooo, all this to say, this “Woman of God” inspired this simple song I would like to share with you.  She is a true woman.


Woman of God

Woman of God, seeking His face

Pour out your heart sharing His grace

Woman of God, thank you, for being a friend


Sharing the truth, always in love

Simple kind words, even when they’re tough

Woman of God, thank you, for being a friend


Strength and honor, wisdom and kindness

And a woman, who fears the Lord

Let her be praised, let her be praised     


Though others may doubt, you lift me up

You remind me, in God I am free

Woman of God, thank you, for being a friend


Your words are like oil, healing my soul

You are so full and you overflow, on me

Woman of God, thank you, for being a friend

Dawn Ginese, 3/9/12

Click below for PDF of word only and lyrics with chords

             “Woman of God” by Dawn Ginese 3/9/12

I would that all of us would strive to be a true friend to someone.

Tell us about a true “Woman of God” in your life.  Please tell her too.  Comment below and pass along this post to a few of your true friends.
One of His,


Original Painting in Video by Erin Dertner