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Whitney Houston R.I.P.

February 19, 2012 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

Whitney Houston’s death has really affected me. I’ve been feeling a little blue lately and also recouping from a head cold. So, I’ve been resting a lot and watched all the Whitney Huston coverage on TV.  She has been really amazing and her voice has been so inspiring, a gift for sure. If I were to be honest I had lost touch with Whitney and have not really followed her over the years, but most definitely cherished her songs on the radio. I suppose I’ve heard the news and gossip of struggles, not much for watching or reading those sort of gossip pools.

I admit as a Christian I have felt that twinge of disappointment when a fellow follower that is in the spotlight wonders off the path. But I also know after being a Christian for nearly forty years that life can really be difficult at time. I have just finished a book by Brennan Manning, while he has affected so many people and has always pointed them back to the grace of God, he was dealing with his own demons of alcohol. I suppose the more we know we are wretches, the more we can agree we need Jesus.  And if not for Jesus we would all receive what we deserved and I hope you know it is not what any of us would want.

The funeral celebration for Whitney Houston was amazing and the songs were truly uplifting. It was an awesome send off. I agree as one close friend of Whitney’s wanted to convey, that we should remember the good and the legacy,  and not dwell on the muddy side roads. I pray we will withhold the judgement and leave that to a loving heavenly Father who knows absolutely everything about us, our thoughts, our struggles, our reasons, our choices and most intimately our innermost prayers and longings.

I wrote a song for a friend back in 1999 and wanted to dedicate it to Whitney Houston and her family and to anyone who has lost someone dear to them. My prayer is that the family will be comforted with the words and spirit in which it is shared. I hope anyone who hears and read the words will be encouraged as well. Until we all meet again.  Dawn

On the Day I Came to Say Good-bye D. Ginese 1999

It was snowin, on the day I came to say good-bye

And it reminded me, of the way He looks at you and I

How He washed away our sin And how He made us white as snow

And how He made us clean So we can stand before His throne

1. We are clean, not because of what we’ve done

I know you’d agree with me

That’s just not the way it comes

We were searchin, searchin for a long, long, time

And He reminded me, of the way He looks at you and I

How He washed away our sin And how He made us white as snow

How He made us clean So we can stand before His throne

 2. Well I know, this is really not good-bye

I know you’d agree with me

Life here’s but a moment in time

3. And we know, you are bowing at His throne

I know you’d agree with me

Before long we’ll all be home

It was snowin, on the day I came to say good-bye

And it reminded me, of the way He looks at you and I

How He washed away our sin

And how He made us white as snow

And how He made us clean

So we can bow before His throne

Lord you made us clean

So we can bow before Your throne

Make a comment… How has the life and death of Whitney Houston affected you?

The Sun Rejoices!

July 29, 2011 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love, Uncategorized

“The sun comes out like a bridegroom from his bedroom. It rejoices like an athlete eager to run a race.

Psalm 19:5

“The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s”, review

June 17, 2011 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s DVD review: a great Father’s Day sing along song movie for the whole family

I watched the veggietale movie, “The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s” again the other day, what a fun frolic on the way to see the whimsical Wizard of Ha’s. This movie is full of fun sing along songs for kids and the whole family. A great Father’s Day movie, you’ll see why at the end.

Darby is the disenchanted broccoli boy who takes the place of Dorothy in the original “Wizard of Oz” and Tutu a pink doggy/pig takes the place of, yes you guessed it, Todo, Dorothy’s little dog.

He is tired of his father’s floss farm; you can see why this would interest me since I encourage kids to brush and floss, what a funny odd place to be from.

They are told to follow the yellow McToad (a very slow moving toad) to get to the land of Ha’s.

They meet the scarecrow and the tin man while the movie takes twist and turns, full of creative remakes and alterations to the original Wizard of Oz story and songs.

Darby, the tin man, and scarecrow sing Ohioans and fifers and mares as they skip through the forest and meet Lion.

All the characters seem to share the same boredom with their lot in life and are yearning for the new thrills of fun and games, and food galore that the land of Ha’s has promised.

The Wizard of Ha’s is a shrewd business man who is very eager to receive all of Darby’s money from his piggy bank for the trio to enter.  Each door in Ha’s represents new adventures.

The characters one by one finally decide to go home to family and their own backyards.

Darby remembers the words of his dad who said, that his piggy bank savings was for his future. He is sorry for not listening and trusting his father.

Darby decides to return home to his father’s floss farm where even his farm hands have a good life. Sound familiar yet?

Darby’s friends help him escape the wizard of Ha’s dungeon. And the very round fairy catapults his mini trailer back home to Kansas.

Darby rehearses his words as he makes his final steps back to his father’s floss farm.  His dad meets him on the road where they have a true prodigal son reunion.

The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s was a delightful animation and creatively done. Kids, parents and grandparents alike will enjoy the retelling of the Prodigal son using the Wizard of Oz template. Like so many kids movies, the adults will truly be the ones to be awed by all the parallels in the two stories. Check it out; you’ll start grinning like I did.

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

Check out the veggietale site here

Dad, I’m a lot Like You

June 15, 2011 in Chronic Illness - Disabilities, God - Faith - Hope - Love, Nurturing the Child, TSN Therapeutic Projects, Uncategorized

All the Things You Like do, Yes Dad, I’m a Lot Like You

Go outside feel the sun on my face, I like feeling the wind blow my hair

Sit on the deck watch the birds fly by, squirrels in trees, they catch my eye

All the things you like to do, yes Dad, I’m a lot like you

Can’t go in a boat on a lake like you, but I love when you bring me a fish or two

I can’t skip stones or throw a stick, but I love the site of our dog chasing it

All the things you like to do, yes Dad, I’m a lot like you

I can’t walk but you carry me, to the tub or to the deck, Dad, I love your kisses on my neck

I know dad that you have deep thoughts, of things that could be, but now are not

All the things you like to do, yes Dad, I’m a lot like you

One fine day we’ll sit down and discuss, all the cares here and all the fuss

I’ll hug your neck, I’ll kiss you back, yes dad, we’ll look forward to that

All the things you like to do, yes Dad, I’m a lot like you

Love you Dad, Happy Father’s Day,


D.G. 6-7-11

Happy Mother’s Day

May 7, 2011 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, Nurturing the Child, Uncategorized


Little Boy Learns to Walk in Daddy's Shoes.

An appropriate time to give appreciation and share some motherly thoughts with you. Mom’s are wonderful, they rock the cradle and have the awesome privilege of sharing lifes treasures with their children. Happy Mother’s Day!

Here are the lyrics to the most recent song I wrote. I really like it, it has a lot of heart and comes right from the depths of mine. It is about the changes that go along with life, raising kids, loving and losing people in your lives whether they grow and move on or pass on. “Doing what they do”,  it’s part of life. Hope you enjoy….Appreciate you stopping by. Dawn




Doing What They Do- D. Ginese 4/3/10

1.     Birds are flying, flowers blooming, doing what they do

Skies are changing, winds rearranging, doing what they do

1st Break: Sometimes they’re grey, sometimes they’re blue

Whatever they will be, He’s there for me and you

2.     Children come, children grow, doing what they do

Learn to walk, trip and fall, doing what they do

1st break: Surely we all know, some will come and go

It’s beautiful but sad; love this life we’ve had

3.     Dreams are growing, kids are going, doing what they do

Want adventure, their own journey, doing what they do

2nd Break: Dreams, dreams, we’ve had ours too,

So glad this time, will never have a final ending

But while we, live in space and time

With these fragile hearts and minds

4.     Sun is shining, moonlight dining, doing what we do

Precious memories, love filled thoughts, doing what they do

1st break: Surely we all know, some will come and go

It’s beautiful but sad; love this life we’ve had

For moms, dads and those who care for children.

Dedicated to the Memory of Anthony Ginese Sr. Dec. 13, 2010


10/10/2010 What are you Doing?

October 7, 2010 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love, Uncategorized

Oct 10 2010 what are you doing 02410/10/2010

What… are You Doing?

Just a quick post to remind you that this Sunday is 10/10/10.

What are you going to be doing on that day?  As a child, my daughter always thought it was cool when the time or date was duplicated, she would say, “make a wish” or “say a prayer” and always shouted it out when it was happening.

I guess this is my “shout out”.

Make October 10th 2010  a special day, seems like we should be shooting off fire-works or celebrating in some way.

I’ll start it off with 10 ideas, let’s hear yours…

1.      Call 10 friends

2.     Write down 10 things you are thankful for

3.     Take a picture holding 10/10/10

4.     Write out 10 with apples, pumpkins or some veggies-take a picture

5.     Spend 10 minutes or 10 hours of solitude with God

6.    Go on a special date with your spouse

7.     Celebrate with friends-take pictures

8.     Pick up 10 soda bottles off the road

9.     Climb 10 flights of stairs with your video camera running

10. Smile and say hello to 10 complete stranger

Let me know how it goes, send some pictures to: I’ll post the best ones.

For Healthy Kids and Families, Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

Check out my happy health songs…

Walking Song Video Complete

August 20, 2010 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, News - Updates, The Singing Nurse Music, TSN Therapeutic Projects

Walking Song Video Complete-“I’m Gonna Walk Again” by Jenna and Ms. Dawn

“I wanna walk again, I’m gonna walk again, yes I am, I am,

well the doctor said I never would, but I am, but I am, but I am.”

Jenna and The Singing Nurse, Ms. Dawn, that’s me… have completed our walking song video. We wanted to create this video to encourage others and to educate people about the courage and struggles of those dealing with disabilities and rehabilitation.

PT, OT, ST, supportive parents, brothers, nurses, doctors, friends and family each have played an integral part in Jenna’s progress thus far. Little by little each person has nurtured hope in Jenna.

The dictionary describes progress as a forward or onward movement (as to an objective or to a goal) and in this journey, Jenna would be the first to thank all the people working with her who have encouraged her to keep trying. She especially appreciates her greatest cheerleaders, her parents, for their love and continued support towards her life and progress.

The dictionary describes hope as desire, with expectation of obtainment the end product. All of the encouragement Jenna receives and gives helps to extend and nurture the hope in others. Jenna is looking forward to the future and working to accomplish goals and fulfilling her purpose. Jenna wants to encourage others and asks that you share her videos with your friends who may be going through tough times too.

In Jenna’s videos she passionately reminds her viewers that “you are who you are with or without a wheelchair and that her faith in God sustains her with ‘every step she takes'”.

To read more click on:   About Jenna Jenna’s Story

If you have a question for Jenna, you can go to our contact page or

email us @



Meeting of the Two Year Old Mind

July 10, 2010 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, Nurturing the Child, Uncategorized

two year old mind

Meeting of the minds with a two year old can be challenging. They can be so very loving at one moment and in a total melt down the next. One thing for sure, they are so very alive and totally free to express all that comes with the package.

Below are amusing comments from Toddler’s Rules on Ownership that I like, and below it are some quotes from the great Biblical expositor, G. Campbell Morgan, from his booklet “The Music of Life”, worth finding and reading. My husband and I cried when we read it together, Morgan shares about the stages of life in musical terms, a beautiful parallel.

1. If I like it, it’s mine.
2. If it’s in my hand, it’s mine.
3. If I can take it from you, it’s mine.
4. If I had it a little while ago, it’s mine.
5. If it’s mine, it must never appear to be yours in any way.
6. If I’m doing or building something, all the pieces are mine.
7. If it looks just like mine, it is mine.
8. If I saw it first, it’s mine.
9. If you are playing with something and you put it down, it automatically becomes mine.
10. If it’s broken, it’s yours.
11. If it’s broken, but you are having fun playing with the pieces, it’s mine again.

12. If there is ANY doubt, it’s mine.

Dolce-softly and sweetly

“…I am dealing with ideal humanity; and I affirm in every child born–properly or improperly it matters nothing–between that little baby and Jesus there is perfect harmony…that tremendous phrase of His–“Of such is the Kingdom of God.”  “

…from the pen of Ian Maclaren…on King Baby; a magazine in England…If you are in a omnibus or a trolley car, and baby comes in in a woman’s arms, his in king.

“The baby is always making music. What are the notes? Four–Mystery, Innocence, Dependence and Promise…in the presence of the baby you know, you are in the presence of mystery…you know the lines.

“where did you come from, baby dear?

Out of the everywhere into the here.”

“Mystery! You stand in the presence of mystery; and that is the first and fundamental note in the music of infant life.”

“Then at once, Innocence.  No sin–I am talking of volitional wrong-doing–no sin, no sorrow, no shame.”

Mystery, and then the charm of its innocence.

What then?  Dependence. What a music that makes, that this little life is absolutely dependent upon you.  Neglect it, and it fades, passes out; it dies.  Oh, the tragedy that there are children who fade because neglected, because not wanted, all over our lands. That this little life is dependent, is making music in the heart of mother all the time.

What else? The last note is that of promise. Again, to quote Mark Twain. When General Grant was Commander-in-Chief of the army of the Tennessee, a dinner was given in his honour at which Mark Twain was present and spoke in his own inimitable way. He said things sparkling with humour and profound in philosophy. He said among other things this, “In the land to-day there are perhaps twenty-thousand cradles rocking; and among them such, did we but know which they are, we would preserve and hold sacred for all the coming years.”  He said, “In one of those cradles the future astronomer is blinking at the Milky Way, wondering what has become of that other milky way! In yet another of those cradles a future historian is lying, which he will probably continue to do to the end of his life. In yet another the future commader-in-chief of the army of the Tennessee is engaged in no greater piece of strategy than that of attempting to get his great toe into his mouth; and if the boy be father to the man, when General Grant attempted, he was pre-eminently successful! And then, said he, “The babies in the cradles will soon be on board the ship of state. Let them be carefully trained, for the future depends upon them.”

Can you see a little child without dreaming dreams and seeing visions? Many a man has been rescued by looking into the face of his newborn child. …It is arresting to me in that remarkable fifth chapter of Genesis, I read that it was after Enoch begat Methuselah, after the first baby came, that “he walked with God.” …So the babies come into the world, and the notes merge of mystery, of innocence, of dependence, and promise; and there is music everywhere, where the babies are.

Hope you enjoyed the quotes, we have such an awesome priveledge to mold and model to our kids, instead of calling our little dependent ones terrible, someone has reclaimed the truth by calling them terrific…

For Healthy Kids and Families

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

SMA Child’s Tribute to His Mom

May 5, 2010 in Chronic Illness - Disabilities, God - Faith - Hope - Love, Nurturing the Child, Uncategorized

SMA Child’s Tribute to His Mom

kian abc pic 098

“If I Could Say It.”

If I could say it, I would say I love you Mom.  You know how to handle me and care for me the very best of anyone.  You are ever learning about kids like me and teach my nurses how to help me.

You always try different things to care for me because I can’t talk and tell you what I want or need. I don’t talk but I vocalize with my sighs, and you listen. You read the expression of my eyes, I like when you look in my eyes.

Mom you always get me what I need. I need a wheelchair, so I can go for walks and enjoy the sunshine outside during the warmer months. I’m too big now for my stroller, you are making sure the right people are working on it. When we needed a big tub you rallied all the workers and got things moving. You always speak for me.

Even though you work hard all day, thanks for sleeping close by on the couch when I’m having a rough night so you can be ready if the nurses and I need you. When I’m upset or something is hurting in my body, you give the best massages and comfort. I love your kisses too.

Thanks for hoping and keeping that sparkle in your eye. Mom you brighten my day. Thanks for loving me the way you do.

Happy Mother’s Day,



More information on Spinal Muscular Atrophy to come.  Click contact if you would like to be placed on our e-mail list when this post is updated.

For Nurturing Children, Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse





Do You Matter?

March 24, 2010 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, Nurturing the Child, Uncategorized

flower banner

Do You Matter?

some thoughts…


How many have felt overlooked, left behind, or ignored? My suspicion is that this is a common human emotion we all feel from time to time. Emotions are strong forces to be reckoned with and can be valuable and affirming in good instances and be totally deceiving in other instances. Whatever instance they may come, they are feelings none the less and need to be evaluated and measure against what is the truth.

I’ve come to learn that tears may be a sign of deep feelings, but not necessarily the truth about it all. Some of our deepest feelings may be reactions to our own make-up of unfounded fears and apprehensions. Feelings may lead our actions in thought and deed and totally miss the mark. Pride will also play a part when we “feel” someone may be thinking ill of us or question our motives. It is difficult to sift through it all and we may need an outside mind to help us pull the pieces together.

Feelings can also warn us of danger and eminent harm and the sensing of what is not right about an event or word. Feelings in this situation are there to help protect us. The descript word “feeling” in this instance may be better named “discernment”. We have to be open, non reactionary and mature enough to know the difference which comes with time, experience, learning, and surrendering our own ideas.

Our own ideas, is that what we want, can they always be trusted? We shall look into the “matter” no pun intended, or maybe it does make sense that what I really want to say is that you and I do matter. It is comforting to know there is a measuring stick to evaluate what is true, what is true about the world, what is true about us and people in general.

I live my life from a biblical world view and the scriptures are my template.  I strive to “listen and do”, a statement I reiterated and reminded my children as they grew.  Don’t be just a hearer of the word, but a doer as well. The Bible has a lot to say about human behavior, what is true about our hearts and what is in them. The scriptures talk a lot about living our daily lives and looking to and seeing hope in our futures, which is our hope in His future for us.

Psalm 139 talks about how we are wonderfully and fearfully made, I’m sure you have heard those words before. In the same Psalm it says He was there watching as we were coming together, as He was putting us together in our mother’s womb. How awesome is that, like an artist painting a picture, He adds color, shading, blends it all, and stands back to see how His masterpiece is coming together. Do you think you matter? I’d say you are pretty special and of course none of us are prints, we are all the original deal.

You were created for and by God. Wow, what a revolutionary and life giving and life changing thought. In the book of Ephesians (a book in the New Testament of the Bible) it says God has His good works ready for us to deliver on. Awesome! We are part of the plans of God; we get to work together with the creator of the universe. Do you matter? Take the time to read all of Ephesians 2, it is wonderful.

Here is the part that talks about how He has created us to do His good works.

8 God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. 9 Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. 10 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

Ephesians 2: 8-10 New Living Translation

When we come to God and say oh my, I’m wrong, I’ve blown it, ask Him to forgive us and set us on a new path, He does just that. We knowingly and miraculously become part of His team. God helps us discover our gifts and talents “and then”, we learn and long to, with His help, “do the good things he planned for us long ago.

Do you matter? Yes!

Dawn Ginese

Below is a young child’s version of Psalm 139

Psalm 139 paraphrased:

1. Lord you know all about me.

2. You know when I sit and when I wake-up, You know my thoughts.

3. You know when I go places and when I go to sleep. You know what I do every day.

4. Before I speak, You know what I’m going to say.

5. Your hands care for me.

6. It is hard to understand how you know me so well.

7. I can’t run away from You. I can’t hide from you.

8. Wherever I go You are there.

9-10. If I try to fly like a bird or swim like a fish, Your hands lead me and Your hands hold me.

11-12.When I’m afraid of the dark, the black night is like daytime to You and You are not afraid.

13. You made and formed every little part of me. You put me together in my mom’s tummy.

14. I thank You, because you made me. What You do is wonderful.

15. You watched as You made me.

16. You saw me before my body was complete. Everything about me was planned in Your book before I was born.

17. You have so many thoughts about me, I can’t count them all.

18. If I were to count all Your thoughts about me, they would be more that the grains of sand. When I wake up I am still with You.

Psalm 139: 1-18 TSN version