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Don’t Spread Your Germs Around!

November 6, 2012 in Children's Health Education, The Singing Nurse Music

Don't Spread Your Germs Around!

Fun learning, “Don’t Spread Your Germs Around”! 

I received this picture the other day from Nathan who is learning not to spread his germs around. I think he’s been listening to the song. Such a fun song with active hand motions helping the kids learn, “oh! no! Don’t Spread Your Germs Around”

Check out our lessons, gobs of fun, we have individual lessons too to help get your feet wet, and healthy too!

For Healthy Kids, Ms. Dawn

Green Germ Fun   Hand Print Fun   Lessons & Hear the Music

Green Germ Lesson for Kids

October 20, 2012 in Children's Health Education, The Singing Nurse Music

School is in full swing now and we wanted to pass along some fun health lessons and activities for young kids. Whether you are teaching your preschooler about hand washing or needing a little reinforcement with young children about germs, this post is for you. Subscribe too>>>>>

Kian is proud of his germ creation.

Green Germ Activity

Things you will need to complete this hand washing, germ lesson.

Germ print out   Green tissue paper   Glue   Green marker or bingo marker

1. Print out the germ picture from “The Singing Nurse Health Lessons for Kids”.

2. Shred up green tissue paper. (let the kids help, they will like doing this)

3. Place a pool of glue on a paper plate.

4. Crumple up a small piece of green tissue paper, dip it in glue and place it on the picture, continue until germ is covered. You can instruct the kids to not cover the eyes and mouth but don’t worry if they do, the kids or you can always draw it back on or give them pieces of black construction paper to make a face. (hand over hand for disabled children)

5. Take a green marker or bingo marker and put dots all over your germ. We were not happy with the light green tissue paper we used so we enhanced it with a darker green marker. 

This is 1 of 10 hands on activities included as part of “Lesson 1-Rubba Dub Dub-Hand Washing” from “The Singing Nurse-Health Lessons for Kids”.  “Lesson 4-Don’t Spread Your Germs Around-Flu Prevention” combines well with lesson 1. Who would of thought learning about germs, hand washing and preventing kids from spreading their germs could be such great fun.

Added fun:

1. Print out Resource page R-3, (green little germs) there are 16 germs on the sheet.

2. Cut them out

3. Tape to window, whiteboard or chalkboard

4. Make up a song and get rid of 1 germ(minus 1), count backwards learn about subtraction and reverse it to learn addition by adding 1.

7 little germ!

7 little germs, up on a wall

One wants to jump down and crawl

On our nose and on our lips on our chin and on our hips

He wants to make us sick! …. and we say no! go away!

So one ran away and six were left(move 1 germ away)

6 little germs, up on a wall… etc.

Use your imagination, if you have a simple keyboard with beats or pre-programmed melody, it will make it easier to make up a song. You can also use a standard like “5 little monkey’s jumping on the bed” and change the words. People who work with small children are great at this.

I hope you enjoyed my post today, more fun learning brought to you by The Singing Nurse.

For Healthy Kids, Ms. Dawn

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Art, Music, Education & Inspiration for a Healthy School Year!

September 3, 2012 in Children's Health Education, Creative Adventures, The Singing Nurse Music

Below is a post I recently shared at PreK&KSharing, Thanks Debbie Clement for the invite.

Art, Music, Education & Inspiration for a Healthy School Year!

by Dawn Ginese, RN aka The Singing Nurse

Wow, great to be with you and to gather with some of the most creative motivated folks in education.  Miss Debbie has given me the opportunity and awesome privilege to post today. You can click here to read a bit more about my background as a Head Start nurse and beyond.

I will write a fairly short post but include several links so you can become familiar with my website resources and posting style. Below are some of my favorite subjects to share about that really get me churning.

Doing what is takes to teach the point!

 Back to School might have already begun for some of you so here are some helpful tools and ideas I can offer to make your school year fun, educational, musical, creativity and healthy of course. Please contact me if you get stuck on a subject that you need a little creative flare or a song to drive home the educational point. I would love the challenge and always welcome new ideas.

Presently I care for a home-bound disabled boy and work long 12 hr shifts and need to occupy this typical 6 yr old with interesting things to do and learn. So, I often post the projects we work on, like fun ideas using elements from the outdoors.

We often paint with earthy items from the outdoors to create cards and book covers.

I love looking around and seeing what is at hand to recycle and make it into something fabulous. I know what you are thinking….you do the same right? I call myself a preschool teacher with a nurses hat.

I write post to help you teach the family and little ones how to be healthy. We Post about germ games, hand washing, Lyme disease, brushing teeth, an occasional pictorial poem and more.

And of course we always have something in the musical cooker. The most recent project I am excited about is “Alligator in My Soup”, a song about eating our veggies and of course the alligator thinks they are yummy because they are good for you. (My dental lesson also includes fun activities with veggies and other healthy things that make our teeth happy.) We created an alligator with shoe boxes that was inspired by recycling and reading books with alligator themes, then from there the song sprang. The veggie eating characteristic of our alligator was inspired by my daughter in-law’s dilemma. She was having difficulty getting the grand-kids to eat their veggies. I hope to make the finished project available by 2013 including a song video.

If anyone is interested in being part of this project please contact me. It would include pictures of your children with certain veggies and possible short movie clips. I will post more details later.

The greatest resource I can offer you are my songs and that is what comes from the deepest part of me. I have also written health lessons for kids that go along with my health songs. The lessons include crafts and more to make your school year easier, happier and healthier. New “Individual TSN Health Lessons” now available! Health Lesson Overview

I would love to connect with you to help in anyway I can. My goal is keeping our greatest treasures, our kids, excited about learning and creating, caring about creatures, caring about their neighbors, discovering and caring about our awesome world, and of course, keeping them, their classmates and their awesome teachers happy and healthy.

Thanks again Miss Debbie for sharing so much with us and letting me share with your friends today.

For Life and Healthy living, 

 Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse


Back to School Song, We’ll be driving to school when we come!

August 20, 2012 in Children's Health Education, The Singing Nurse Music

So yes it is that time of year again, getting ready for “Back to School”. All of you fantastic teachers and awesome home school parents are revving up to teach the kiddos about “Reading and Writing and Rithmetic”, sprinkled with teaching preschoolers and the big kid too about proper hand washing. The kids will be active in science projects learning about teeth, eyes, babies and more. I am so glad teachers, parents and school systems are continuing to include music, gym, art and health in their curriculum.

We all need these areas of self expression and of course all of us here at The Singing Nurse Headquarters love when these subject incorporate learning. We would love to help you teach your youngster about healthy living and of course we incorporate music, movement, art and health. Check us out.

But while all of  you have been buzzing around getting ready, your’s truly has come up with a fun song to start off your school year. I know “She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain” has been used before, but I think you will agree our version adds some fun twists and turns to encourage healthy living and learning that will influence Professor and Pupils alike.

Below are the TSN lyrics and below that is a PDF for your printing convenience.

Have a wonderful, healthy, active, creative school year. Ms. Dawn

We’ll be Driving to School when we come D.G 8/12/2012

We’ll be driving to school when we come, (echo: when we come) pretend to drive

We’ll be driving to school when we come, (echo: when we come) pretend to drive

We’ll be driving to school x2-We’ll be driving to school when we come (when we come)

We’ll be riding in a car/school bus when we come, (beep beep/honk honk) drive…

We’ll be greetings our friend when we come, (echo: hello) wave hand…

We’ll be washing our hands when we come, (splish splash) pretend to wash hands

We’ll be shaking hands with neighbors when we come, (nice to meet you) shake hands

We’ll be covering our sneezes when we come (sneeze into shoulder)…

We’ll be covering our coughs when we come (cough into shoulder)…

We’ll be using a tissue when we come, pretend to blow your nose…

And we won’t spread our germs when we come (no, no) wag finger no, then point x2…

We’ll be eating healthy lunches when we come, (umm good) scoop food to mouth…

We’ll be eating fruits and veggies when we come, (crunch) bite into pretend apple…

We’ll be walking and leaping when we come, march and jump up…

We’ll be writing and painting when we come, write and paint in the air…

We’ll be reading and counting when we come, pretend to open book, point x3 to count…

We’ll be listening and learning when we come, cup ears and point to head…

Add your own activities, have a great school year!

Be safe and healthy, Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

PDF We’ll be driving to school when we com

Creator of “The Singing Nurse Health Lessons for Kids” 

Just Like the Ocean Sands-Psalm 139

June 30, 2012 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, The Singing Nurse Music, Uncategorized

Oh to Fly Like a Bird

This is a picture of my grandson trying to fly with the seagulls on the Florida coast. Kids are so free and uninhibited. Below is a country style kid’s song about how God thinks of them, which is based on Psalm 139.  Adults will enjoy this lesson on God’s love too.

7.  Just Like The Ocean Sands
Dawn Ginese 2005

Based on Psalm 139 (TSN version)

1) If I try to fly like a bird in the sky,
Or swim in the ocean deep and blue,
He will lead and hold us in His hands,
He knows everyday just what we do.
Just like the ocean sands,
We cannot count them,
So are God’s thoughts of me and you,
Just like the ocean sands,
We cannot count them,
So are God’s thoughts of me and you.
2) If I run like a cheetah, thinkin’ I could beat Ya
I know I, cannot run from You
If I dig a hole, and hide just like a mole
You know everyday just what we do.   Chorus
3) For you formed my inward parts,
Right from the start,
It’s true, not one thing is hid from You
You saw all the stuff, that You made me of
You know everyday just what we do.   Chorus 2x


“Just Like the Ocean Sands” (Psalm 139) is a country style song that teaches children that God has so many thoughts of us “just like the ocean sands, we cannot count them”. We can fly like a bird, swim like a fish, run like a cheetah, hide like a mole, “He knows everyday just what we do.” Scoop up the sand and just try and count the grains. This song is based on TSN paraphrase version of Ps. 139, how God loves and thinks of us even if we try to fly or run away from Him. Adults can learn from these words as well. We are so loved and many of us have a hard time comprehending the depths of God’s love toward us. Take a listen and download the song, your kids will learn the truth about God and His love for them, you too.

Download here.

Lesson, loads of crafts & Song download purchase here.

Have you been to the ocean and counted the grains of sand lately?

For Healthy Kids, Body, Mind and Spirit
Ms. Dawn

Dental Hygiene & Nat’l Apple Month

October 14, 2011 in Children's Health Education, Products, The Singing Nurse Music

Dental Hygiene & Nat’l Apple Month

CDA Birgit-ToothFairyCyber in 1970’s

Upstate NY Apple 2011

 How appropriate to marry National Dental Hygiene Month and National Apple Month.

Both good dental hygiene and crunchy apples are healthy for the teeth of young children. Children will enjoy being introduced to proper dental hygiene and the nutritious goodness of apple snacks.

Projects that integrate crafts, songs and information on healthy living are a fun way to get young children to apply healthy habits to their daily lives.

Below are a couple health lessons to enjoy with your preschool and young children during dental hygiene and apple month.

Tooth project:
  1. Give children two pieces of white paper to draw two teeth.
  2. Instruct them to draw one healthy tooth (show them how to make little lines so it looks like it is sparkling). And have them draw a tooth with decay (tell them to add brown or green on the edges). 
  3. Have the children cut out their teeth creations.
  4. Let the kids pick out a large piece of construction paper, have them pick which color they want, and you or the child should draw a line down the middle.
  5. Paste one tooth on each side.
  6. Have them add little pictures or drawings to the appropriate tooth, of things good for teeth (toothpaste, toothbrush, dentist, etc.) and things bad for teeth (candy, soda).
Apple project:
  1. Draw a picture of an apple on a large piece of paper, label: An apple is a good snacks for my teeth.
  2. Draw, cut and paste smiling white teeth on page, can be from magazines.
  3. Use real apples to make apple prints- dip apples in paint-cut apples in different directions to create various shapes and add to page.
  4. Add nutrition facts like: Apples give us vit. C, Apples are crunchy, Apples are a natural treat. Search apple facts on the internet: lots of info to choose from.

Ten Juicy (Healthy/Crunchy/Little) Apples by Dawn Ginese-to the tune of “Down in the Bottom of an Itty Bitty Pool”

Use fingers to count, point up to tree, add motions for climb and pick etc.

10 Juicy apples, up in the tree, 10 juicy apples just for me,

Climb up the latter, pick if you can, so I climbed and I picked one in my hand  (put it in the basket)

9 juicy apples, up in the tree, 9 juicy apples just for me,

Climb up the latter, pick if you can, so I climbed and I picked one in my hand (put it in the basket)

8 juicy apples…etc.

I’m Gonna Brush My Teeth-by Dawn Ginese, RN

I’m gonna brush my teeth (echo)

Every day (echo)

I’m going to brush my teeth (echo)

Every day (echo)

I don’t want (echo)

Tooth decay, no way

I’m gonna brush my teeth (echo)

Every day (echo)

Chorus: Every day no tooth decay, no way (repeat)

I’m gonna brush my tongue (echo)

For all the lyrics click here.

To Listen and Download/Purchase “I’m Gonna Brush My Teeth” and other healthy living songs from The Singing Nurse click here.

To Purchase “The Singing Nurse: Health lessons for Kids”:

By download: which includes all the lessons in PDF form, all TSN health songs and the “Rubba Dub Dub” hand washing animation.

Price: 24.95 No Processing and Handling fee, click here.

Click here for sample, overview and more info.

Be healthy, be creative and express your joy of healthy living.

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

How has TSN Songs and Lessons helped you in your home or classroom? How will you implement them to teach your children?


Health Lessons for Kids

October 2, 2011 in Children's Health Education, News - Updates, Products, The Singing Nurse Music, Uncategorized

1st Picked Accidental Pumpkin

We had to pick our 1st Accident Pumpkin , you can read the poem here.

Pumpkins and apples always remind us of back to school and learning, classrooms, library books, playground adventures, the nurse’s office, field trips, meeting new and old friends, and promoting health and safety to our young children.

We wanted to introduce to you, “The Singing Nurse: Health Lessons for Kids”, our brand new nurse created health curriculum for curious preschoolers to early elementary aged children. Our music driven curriculum is a fun and a creative way to promote good health habits in your children.

We love living healthy and your quest for healthy living is probably why you stopped by to visit us today. We’d like to help you educate your kids in a way they will actively participate.

Each of our lessons are filled with kid appealing:

Games and crafts to reinforce each health concept

The Singing Nurse sing-a-long tunes with catchy melodies and lively beats

Creative suggestions for multimedia productions

Resources containing: graphics, letters to parents and helpful websites

Each of our health lessons are easy to follow and include learning about:

1. Hand washing

2. Dental Hygiene

3. Dentist Visit

4. Flu Prevention

5. Lyme Disease Prevention

6. Audiologist Visit

7. You are Special

8. Body Parts/Kindness

Interwoven within the lessons, kids will discover the working of germs, good health habits, the awesome animal kingdom, visiting health care workers and learning about themselves and their uniqueness. The Singing Nurse Health Lessons for Kids was lovingly created and tailored to the eager and curious minds of our greatest treasures, our kids.

To hear song samples click here and listen.

To see an overview of all the lessons click The Singing Nurse Overview PDF.

For more details click here.

Obtain your copy today by clicking on

 Digital Download -24.95    ORDER INFO

PayPal and all major credit cards accepted

Please share with your friends and professional contacts the exciting news of our brand new fun filled Nurse created Health Lessons for Kids by The Singing Nurse.

Dental Health Month Songs

February 5, 2011 in Children's Health Education, News - Updates, The Singing Nurse Music, Uncategorized

Belize abd bed 066Dental Health Month is February and I want to get the word out about two catchy educational health songs that teach a dentist song and a song about brushing your teeth.

Kids learn by doing. They will get involved with their whole selves while they sing “I’m Gonna Brush my Teeth”, and “The Dentist is a Good Guy”.

Your kids will experience the joy of learning as they sing a long and move to the music.  There are hand movements to the songs but I’m sure you can come up with your own as you listen to the lyrics.

Go to the Music Home tab and download your dental health month songs today and get those kids rocking and brushing. Have a great February….Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

Toothbrushclick to: Listen and Download the Songs

The Singing Nurse Lesson Plan Book

October 15, 2010 in Children's Health Education, News - Updates, The Singing Nurse Music

Smiling Apple

Just a quick up-date on The Singing Nurse Lesson Plan Book that is coming soon…A great resource to teach healthy habits by learning how to prevent the spread of disease and more. This resource will educate your children beyond their years.

I’m excited that the lesson plan book is being proof read and almost ready for printing and a PDF form will also be available. It contains fun engaging activities for young children preschool to early elementary. The lessons incorporate The Singing Nurse health songs, craft ideas, educational games, parent notes, links, awesome multimedia ideas and great resources.

Example of skills that will be learned:


“Rubba Dub Dub”-Dawn Ginese


* recognize germs can be many places, hands, cough, sneeze, things we touch

* learn echo singing

* learn to follow simple directions

* use large and fine motor movements

* learn that the one most effective way to get rid of germs is friction soap, and H20

* pretend to be an opera singer

* learn a step by step procedure for hand washing

* recognize the color green (green germ)

* recognize letters, G for Germs, W for Wash and Water, H for Hands, S for Soap, F for Friction….and More….

“I’m Gonna Brush My Teeth”The Singing Nurse Shadow -Dawn Ginese


* recognize that germs can be on our teeth

* recognize that we need to brush our teeth and tongue to get rid of the germs.

* recognize what is good and what is bad for our teeth

* categorizing, sorting

* use of large and fine motor skills

* learn echo singing

* letter recognition, T for Teeth etc.

* critical thinking skills….and More…

“The Dentist Is A Good Guy”-Dawn Ginese



* learn that the dentist is a person, who helps keep our teeth healthy, he’s a good guy or gal; he helps us to have a great big beautiful smile

* learn what a dentist does at a first visit:

* we open our mouth and say ah, so the dentist can look at our teeth

* he counts our teeth

* he cleans our teeth

* he paints our teeth with fluoride

* he teaches us to brush our teeth and stay away from decay

* learn what decay is

* learn what is good and bad for our teeth…..and More…

scan0004“Don’t Spread Your Germs Around”

Dawn Ginese



* use large motor movements

* learn that germs can be spread around when we cough or sneeze into the air or into our hands

* we can stop spreading germs by coughing or sneezing into our shoulder

* if we forget, and cough or sneeze into our hands we are to “wash your hands”

* learn how to dance in a conga line…and More…


“The Tick Song”, “The Audiologist”, “Just Like the Ocean Sands” ( House of Worship), “Babies Are Beautiful”

Lots of great ideas for healthy living for you and your children.

See the ingredients of the hand washing lesson.

To be the FIRST to know when The Singing Nurse Health Lessons is complete, please go to the contact page and put TSN Health Lessons in the subject.

Have a Happy Healthy Year…

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse


Now available, click here for more info.


Walking Song Video Complete

August 20, 2010 in God - Faith - Hope - Love, News - Updates, The Singing Nurse Music, TSN Therapeutic Projects

Walking Song Video Complete-“I’m Gonna Walk Again” by Jenna and Ms. Dawn

“I wanna walk again, I’m gonna walk again, yes I am, I am,

well the doctor said I never would, but I am, but I am, but I am.”

Jenna and The Singing Nurse, Ms. Dawn, that’s me… have completed our walking song video. We wanted to create this video to encourage others and to educate people about the courage and struggles of those dealing with disabilities and rehabilitation.

PT, OT, ST, supportive parents, brothers, nurses, doctors, friends and family each have played an integral part in Jenna’s progress thus far. Little by little each person has nurtured hope in Jenna.

The dictionary describes progress as a forward or onward movement (as to an objective or to a goal) and in this journey, Jenna would be the first to thank all the people working with her who have encouraged her to keep trying. She especially appreciates her greatest cheerleaders, her parents, for their love and continued support towards her life and progress.

The dictionary describes hope as desire, with expectation of obtainment the end product. All of the encouragement Jenna receives and gives helps to extend and nurture the hope in others. Jenna is looking forward to the future and working to accomplish goals and fulfilling her purpose. Jenna wants to encourage others and asks that you share her videos with your friends who may be going through tough times too.

In Jenna’s videos she passionately reminds her viewers that “you are who you are with or without a wheelchair and that her faith in God sustains her with ‘every step she takes'”.

To read more click on:   About Jenna Jenna’s Story

If you have a question for Jenna, you can go to our contact page or

email us @