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Snowman Fun Almost Done?

February 24, 2014 in Creative Adventures

Just wanted to shoot out a quick post for these final snowy days of winter. I have a nice post about germs with some really fun activities but I did not want to miss my snowy opportunity. So many times we are creating cool and fun projects for winter and by the time you get to posting it, the season is gone. Well, these past few days have been a bit warmer and great for creating snowmen, and I have heard there is more snow in the forecast this week. Below is a snowman or two for you to create. Enjoy that fluffy white stuff while you can…spring will be here before you know it. Yeah!

stained glass tissue snowman w words

My patient and I made this snowman using hand over hand. You can learn more about Kian here.

You will need: small and large white paper plates, scissors/exacto knife, glue, tissue paper, markers, two sticks/twigs, twizzlers, and fancy tape.

Pretty easy to make: cut circles out of each size plate, use one of the inside circles for the head and the other for a hat. Put glue around the eating side of the edges of the plates and have the kids place strips of tissue paper across the holes. Let it dry, trim the edges, tape the 2 plates together.  Draw a face, cut a small slit to place your twizzler and tape to the other 2 plates, make and add a hat and fancy tape for scarf, add stick/twig arms and little hands. Place the twizzler in his mouth. Hang it in the window to catch the sunlight.

Here is a cute game to play when you are stuck inside during bad weather or you’d like to give the kids something to do while you cook dinner. My daughter in-law is a great mother, very creative and also happens to be a Special Ed Teacher. She created this simple game.

draw snowman instruction codes cropped w words    draw 1 snowman cropped w words

1 snowman complete w words         snowman Game

Here are her instructions to play. “Take turns rolling the dice and color the part that corresponds to the number. First one to color all the parts wins. I did it with a skeleton at Halloween and a Christmas tree. Easy”

Cute huh? I also thought you could make a large version, hide the pieces around the house or classroom and have the kids Velcro then on as they find the pieces.

More hand over hand with my patient Kian. He does not get to romp in the snow like other kids so I brought some inside for him. We made some mini snowmen. He enjoyed feeling the cold squeaky granular white snow.

Kian w snow 2 w words 2

One last picture for you. You may have seen this flying around on Facebook. I thought he was cute and whoever created him was very imaginative. Photographer unknown. Speaks volumes to those who wished they were not in all this white stuff. Snowman wants to go to Florida

Have wonderful rest of the winter!

Proverbs says: “A merry heart does good like a medicine.”

 Stay Healthy,

Ms. Dawn

One more bonus: For those of you who have enjoyed The Singing Nurse Music and Lessons have also learned that my husband and I have recently finished up on a big kids(parents) project. It’s a CD with music that is kind of jazzy, kind of Lennon, kind of Rundgren that has lots of heart felt thoughts about life, relationships and God’s love. For more info, to listen to an interview I did with him about one of the songs and to watch a few song videos I created. Check it out Here! I think you will really like the music.

Keeping Moms & Kids Active During Bad Weather & Covid19

January 27, 2014 in Children's Health Education, Creative Adventures

The Singing Nurse Health Tip #1(updated 5/24/20)

What do you do on a snowy, windy, damp rainy or cold day?. Now we can add Covid19 to the list of situations that can keep us inside. How do you keep active in bad weather when you just want to curl up in your PJs? How do you keep your kids moving but not bouncing off the walls and driving you crazy? I pulled together a video from my archives that can help. The video shows a simple way to create an obstacle course and counting your laps. You can create an obstacle course to help you get moving while the little ones are sleeping or vamp it and make it appropriate for your young children. Keep it safe and keep it simple when doing an obstacle course with your kids. Put on some of your favorite music and get moving.

Watch the video below for a little encouragement and ideas.

I have also included a link here to which I will call “Busy Moms Keep Active sheets pdf”. You can tape the action sheets to your walls to create little stations of activity for you and the kids. Make sure and use blue painters tape if you decide to write the words on the walls as I did in the video. Blue painters tape comes off nice and easy.

You can write with blue painters tape like I have done below.

push ups picture

head and shoulders knees and toes

   jump 10 x picture    Or you and the kids can design your own action sheets, or print and use the simple ones I have created here. Busy Moms Keep Active sheets pdf.

pic of PDF active pics lighter crop w WS

I don’t know about you but it has been really cold here in the northeast. And, I know that even the slightest cooler weather often drives us all inside.

If you create a fun obstacle course I would love to see it, send me a picture. What would you add to an obstacle course to make it fun and educational for your kids?

Have Fun, Be Healthy,

Ms. Dawn

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A New big kids (parents) CD is now available. My husband and I just released it. Great musicianship and I love the songs Check it out here. → “TRANSITIONS” CD

Candy Christmas Tree Creation

December 17, 2013 in Chronic Illness - Disabilities, Creative Adventures

Kian w tree w words

 Most of us like a little candy during the Christmas season. Kian and I wanted to show appreciation to all his nurses and therapists so we created a simple Christmas Candy Tree. We made it with poster board, stickers, candy, a bow, a star and a Christmas pin. It took about an hour to create this Christmas Candy Tree Craft. Have some fun, spread a little cheer, make and bring one to a Christmas Party or use it as a center piece for one of your holiday gatherings.

decorate with sticker tape to paper plate

Create a cone(use 1/2 sheet size poster board)and tape it to a white paper plate. Use hand over hand with disabled children to place stickers on the cone. Attach a Star with a Christmas message. Details for creating a cone.

Place tape on the ends of the candy and help your kids tape it to the tree. Use hand over hand with handicapped or disabled children. All children like to see the results of touching and building a creation.

hand over hand with Kian w words

Wrap a box and place your creation on top. We also added a simple bow and a Christmas bear pin.

add a star, bow and pin witih words

Find out more about Kian and SMA1. SMA1 is the leading cause of death in children under 2 years of age. You can be tested to see if you are a carrier. Kian is now 7 years old and doing well. He has 24 hr nursing care, has short teaching sessions with a special education teacher 5 days a week, has PT, OT, ST, a regular dietitian visit and now enjoys chiropractic sessions. Kian lives a very busy life. He has many limitations but feels like all other children.

Another Christmas Crafts you may like:

Christmas Poster Tree Card

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Have a wonderful Christmas, 


How are you staying, healthy, happy, creative and educated? Comment below.

Praising Pumpkin Man Brownie

October 28, 2013 in Creative Adventures

praising pumpkin man brownie

So…I was trying to figure out what goodie to bring to my church’s Fall Festival this year.  Originally, I was going to make simple brownies, you know easy, quick and a great solution after coming off of a 13 hour shift. But, I saw the little marshmallow pumpkin faces while shopping and my wheels started turning and these little guys are the results.

I thought they would be appropriate for our church event because praising God is what going to church and learning about Him is all about.

You will need:

2 boxes of brownie mix

dipping pretzels

marshmallow pumpkin heads

cupcake papers

chocolate chips 

Make your brownie mix, fill cups about 2/3 full, 2 boxes make about two and a half dozens of brownie cupcakes. Melt chocolate chips in a double boiler(or place a smaller pot of chocolate chips in a larger pot that has water and heat water). Use the melted chocolate to glue the pumpkins to the top of the cupcakes.

pretzel arms pumpkin man resize

Dip your pretzels in melted chocolate and place on a sheet of wax paper, place in freezer for a few minutes to help firm up the chocolate. Insert pretzels into brownie. Place all your little men on to a tray and seal in a plastic bag. I used chopsticks to help keep them from being touched by the bag. For best results place in a container that has a tall lid.

praising pumpkin brownie choir resized w words

Have a great Fall season, 

Ms. Dawn

More Pumpkin Fun here



Pumpkin Poem for Fall

October 21, 2013 in Creative Adventures

 Originally posted as Pumpkin Family Gives Thanks…

Falling Leaves, cooler days, Pumpkins and harvest all have the Fall season in common. Winter is soon to come, but let’s enjoy the season at hand, let’s enjoy the occasional warm day, and the awesome colors of Fall. This is a poem I wrote about some unusual pumpkins and their adventures. I hope you will read it to your children this season. I may make it available in PDF along with the other poems at the bottom of this post. If you subscribe you will be the first to know when they are available. The local librarian has stated that pumpkin stories are difficult to come by. What is your favorite “Pumpkin” book or activity? Share in the comments below. So glad you stopped by. 🙂 Dawn 

Old Pa Pa Pumpkin, was spotted one day, the people said wow oh wow.

Cuz he grew, and he grew, and he grew, and he grew, and no one really knew how.

He had warts, and they thought he would rot,

So they clipped his vine, and scooped him right up.

Boy Pa Pa pumpkin, he sure weighed a lot. 

And then we waited for pumpkin two, he was orange, and kind of tall.

Two little boys, sat high upon him, but neither one took a fall.

So they brought him inside and washed him with pride.

Then grew Roundy, who went to a boy, who lived up high on a hill.

Whose eager brother, pushed and rolled him, and made poor Roundy feel ill.

This little brother, was having a blast, but all this rolling, was way too fast.

So up on the mantle he gently was placed, and free from his hands, now Roundy was safe.

Then the snow came, it covered us good, it was really cold, and they did what they should.

They picked us, and washed us, and brought us inside, We all met each other, from that gangly vine.


Like Pumpkin heaven, we were warm and dry, the view was superb and the feelings divine.

Then the little flat pumpkin, who was made of wood,

he was painted orange, and he did what he could.

And on his belly, written in black, were the words of a boy who wrote it way… back.

 We all were reminded, and we all agreed, that we all would “give thanks” gratefully.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, from our house to yours.

Ms. Dawn, The Singing Nurse

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The Other Musical Side of The Singing Nurse, Project Complete

September 18, 2013 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

Hi my Friends,
No germs here today!

UPDATE project is complete see it here.

Well, I have been a bit out of commission with our recent vacation and finishing up on our new CD, I have a lot of catching up to do. Recording is like pregnancy and takes just about as long, as I am sure all of you can attest to with any creative project you are in midst of and want to do with excellence.

Well our musical tapestry will be in our arms soon and it is all about “Transitions”. The songs are about life, lovers, God and the tough times we pilgrims pass through. The music styles includes Lennon, Rundgren, and Bacharach ballads, with a big band rock jazz feel on the faster songs. What can I say, my husband Michael Ginese is a boy from the late 60’s early 70’s and wrote all the songs. I am really liking it! I have the privilege of singing lots of harmony and solo on three of the ballads.

If you would be so kind as to watch the video below to learn more about the project I am working on to help us promote the CD that would be awesome. The project is a song video as a way to introduce folks to our CD and to get all of you involved. The tune is a song for lovers commitment to each other in marriage who can still say, I’m glad “You’re Still Here with Me”.

Update, Project Now Complete: Send your short video clips, wedding and current pictures and how many yrs married to: put “pictures for love song” in the subject
I would love for you to be part,
One of His,

You’re Still Here with Me
Mike Ginese 2012
Oh my dear friend, I sure love you so
My companion, such deep trust you show
I’m so humbled, I’m so graced with life
To have you with me, as we move toward night

I have more than, than I ever dreamed
In your arms are, all the joys I need
I would not trade, a dark or sun filled day
For the love that, you have brought my way

Chorus: How many times I’ve fallen, yet you held my hand
And stayed right by my side, when everyone else leaves
You’re still here with me, you’re the only one
You’re still here with me

Only you know, when I’m weak or strong
I’ve hidden nothing, my life’s an open song
You won’t leave me and I won’t turn and run
We’ll be together, now and forever one


Check out the music, view the completed video & and interview.


Butterfly can still fly!

August 20, 2013 in Creative Adventures, God - Faith - Hope - Love

Hi, just wanted to encourage you today. Sometimes junk happens and it is hard to get going again. I took this photo this year and it is my first pinterest creation. I walked outside and was awed by all these gorgeous flowers. The gardener Dale, took great pride and joy in the hours she spent nurturing them.  But, I could not help but notice the delicate butterfly that you can obviously see has a clipped wing. The fine detailed butterfly was still enjoying all of creation and flying her little heart out. I want to be like this beautiful butterfly. I am in the midst of reading a book by Mary DeMuth. It is about walls around our heart and learning to live a life with an open heart even after horrifying things have happened to us. I have not had horrible things happen to me but I certainly have been dissed and betrayed, so I am learning to fly again and to open my heart to love and care more. You can check out Mary DeMuth/free stuff, she is a real one and an example of a beautiful butterfly still flying. 

Like the song says “I hope you dance…”, well… I hope you fly…and sing too. 

Ms. Dawn

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we see no orphans Update to post, pin added, quote from Mary E. DeMuth book “The Wall Around Your Heart” Coming in October


Turtles, Hand Washing, Craft & Song

July 31, 2013 in Children's Health Education, Creative Adventures

Turtle Hatchlings, Hand Washing, Craft & Song

Did you know turtles give us another reason for hand washing?  Reptiles can carry the bacteria Salmonella which is the reason for practicing good hand hygiene after handling turtles. What a surprise to my husband and I when we walked up on some hungry crows digging up a turtle’s nest. We shooed the crows away and discovered a couple of turtles with a little life left in them.

There were some children playing nearby, so we invited them to discover the brand new premature hatchlings. Being respectful of the little creatures, in light of the hungry lurking crows, everyone decided they must go in the ocean. This young boy gently places two of them in the waves.

 The next day while visiting the Ocean Center, we found a nice big cooler outside for hatchlings found and in danger. The Ocean Center takes them in, nurtures them and then releases them when they became strong.

 The Ocean Center helps to protect the hatchlings from humans too by taping off the egg nest with a stiff $1000 fine for disturbing them.

 Turtles are interesting creatures. We know they mate because they lay eggs. But did you know that the mother will lay her eggs and then leave them to fend for themselves. It is curious to me that the mother just leaves, in most of the animal kingdom mothers nurture and protect their young. I like to think that they all meet up again in the great big ocean to have their family reunion, mate with neighbor turtles and then make their own trek to the shore to lay their eggs.

None the less I wanted to share with you some safety measures about turtles. Turtles and other reptiles can carry the Salmonella Bacteria which can cause diarrhea, stomach problems, fever and fatal illness in some cases. Because of the risk to especially young children there has been a ban on the sale of turtles less than 4 inches.

The CDC has some great info on preventing Salmonella. The CDC’s main points are.

Don’t own a turtle.  

Don’t touch a turtle or its habitat.

Do wash your hands if you have touched either. 

CDC Salmonella Info. Link

Below are some fun activities to do with your children to reinforce learning about turtle safety and good hand washing.

I came across a couple of fun books about turtles while on vacation in Florida. I found them at the Ocean Center where they have loads of ocean creature books. The books are also available on Amazon.  

The one below is about two sister hatchlings that make it to the ocean and then return years later to lay their eggs.

This one is about a mother sharing the turtle experience with her daughter and creating a journal. Watching, waiting and learning about the sea turtles. It has lots of great pictures.

I took a short video of the hatchlings we found but it paled against this video I found on YouTube. It shows the nest of turtles ready to make their run for the ocean with human on lookers cheering them on. Link for mobile devices 🙂

I read the two books with my young patient and then we created a turtle together out of an oatmeal box and cardboard.  Very easy to create.

Items you will need:

Oatmeal box, cardboard, razor/scissors, paints, brushes, googly eyes, suction cup hook.

Remove the paper from your oatmeal box. Cut off the bottom of the oatmeal box making it about 3-4 inches high.

Cut some legs, a tail and a head. Make sure to make the insertion part a little longer so you can push it into the turtle body later.

Paint all the parts, let dry.  Add a few turtle shell designs on the body of the turtle in a lighter color. Let all parts dry completely.

Cut slits around the turtle body for the legs, head and tail. Insert parts and glue eyes to head.

Optional: make a hole in the side for a short string, place suction cup hanger on the window and hang your turtle.

Option for older children: it would be fun to cut a design in the turtle shell and use different colored tissue paper to cover the openings so when you hang it in the window the light will illuminate it making it look like stained glass.

Hand washing activity: Explain the importance of hand washing after handling animals especially turtles because of the bacteria they may carry called Salmonella. You can give everyone a tub to wash in while singing “Rubba Dub Dub” (kids love water play) or you can go two by two to the sink singing as you go. Individual hand washing lesson with song available here.

Check out another fun activity from our friends at Nanobugs. Salmonella coloring page  

Click on this link, open the link, find Salmonella on the page and click to read info. Nanobugs has lots of fun info on other virus’ and bacteria and good hand hygiene info as well. Great educational resource!

Below are part of the lyrics to one of my songs yet to be recorded, maybe you can attach the words to your child’s drawing of a turtle sitting on a rock or an old tire.

Little Turtle I can tell, you like sunshine on your shell

You sun all day and you sleep at night, little turtle you’re all right

Little animals we like you, little animals special too

Little animals live with man, little animals in God’s hand.

Dawn Ginese

Hope you enjoy this turtle hand washing theme with your young children today. Do you have any turtle songs or activities about hand washing you can share with us? Comment below!

Come Sing & Learn with us!

Ms. Dawn,

Other ocean theme activities you may enjoy: 

♥ Stingrays , ♥ Beach care♥ Beach Safety Hand Washing/Germs


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Mow that Grass Daddy! (song)

June 5, 2013 in Creative Adventures, The Singing Nurse Music

Dads all over the nation have begun the continuous task of mowing the lawn during the summer season.

These two dads meet at their borders for some chat and a cold drink while taking a break from lawn mowing.

Father’s are so important to the family. When you come across a great one he is priceless.

Dad’s make a lasting impressions and make kids feel secure.  Hug your kids dad and tell them how wonderful they are. 

Billy Graham writes on Fathers:

“One of the most important things you can do for your children is to let them know you love them—clearly and often.
Tell them you love them … hug them … spend time with them … listen to them … encourage them.”

The song below is dedicated for Father’s Day to our wonderful dads that so lovingly care for their families.

Have a Wonderful Father’s Day!

See more Father’s Day links below. What are you doing special for the dad in your life?

Father’s and Daughters

Labor to Preserve the Goodness

Dad I’m a lot Like You (poem)

Meeting of the Two Year Old Mind

Father’s Day Activities gathered by Deb Chitwood from Live Montisouri Now

Father’s Day Activities gathered by Deborah J. Stewart from Teach Pre-School

Billy Graham on a Father’s Love for his children. 

Ms. Dawn, creator of The Singing Nurse

Let me know if you would like the lyrics with chords…

Earth Day Eve Easy Activities

April 21, 2013 in Creative Adventures

Easy Earth Day Activities

Today our Sunday school director and helpers created a fun filled Earth Day with fun and easy activities. These are activities you can quickly pull together even tonight. Pick a couple Earth Day activities or do all of them. Hands on activities are a fun way to engage kids and educate them at the same time. The kids had a blast and learned how to care for the earth God created.

Mystery Bags

The morning started off with mystery bags. Each bag was marked with a question mark. Each bag contained some item that was a clue to what God created.

Dirt for the earth

Shells for the ocean

Pine cones for trees

Fur for animals

Feather for birds

Fake flowers for plants etc.

You may have some of your own ideas to convey what God created.

Explain how God created the heavens and the earth, light, sky, sun, moon and stars, earth and the waters, plants and trees, birds, fish and creatures and Adam and Eve. Genesis. 1:1-2:25

Skit: Take care of the earth and keep her clean

Child 1: Holds the earth and wraps blue sheet or plastic to represent the oceans.

Child 2: Throws paper cup at earth and sticks gum on her shoulder.

Child 3: Pours a bag of crumpled news papers over her.

Child 4: Comes with a sponge to wipe the earth, picks the gum off the earth’s shoulder and picks up the crumpled papers.

Bird Feeder Craft

Needed: Fluff, birdseed, ¼ inch round dowels 6 inches long(they come in 12 inch lengths so just cut it in half) toilet paper rolls, string, plastic knife, hole punch


Punch two holes across from each other at the top (1/2 inch down) of each toilet paper roll and attach a string to hang later.

Punch two holes across from each other about 1 inch in at the bottom of your toilet paper rolls, punch two more holes about 1/2 inch in across from each other which are opposite the other holes. Later the children will slide the short dowels into the bottom holes creating a crisscross effect allowing pegs for the birds to sit on. You will do this after you stick the birdseed on.

Place bird seed in pie tins and fluff in little cups.

Let the kids spread the fluff on the toilet paper rolls with a plastic knife, then roll them in the birdseed.

Push the dowels through the holes at the bottom of your toilet paper roll.

Place creation on a paper plate to take home late.

Outside Activity

Place 4 containers marked Glass, Tin, Plastic and Paper.

Leader pours out a bag of the above recyclables. Theresa and  her team did a great job.

Children relay race to pick up the recyclables and places them in the correct bins.

Older kids can help the younger ones.


Make vanilla and chocolate pudding, children choose if they want crumbled cookies(dirt) or gummy worms on top. Yum!


Place an assortment of paint colors and let the kids paint what they learned about.

Have a Wonderful Earth Day Celebration!

 Ms. Dawn

For more see our Previous Earth Day Post with songs and craft ideas.

What is your biggest challenge to teach your children to take good care of our awesome world?  Please comment below.